Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Truth About God's Love For You... It's Amazing!

As a Mom things happen through out the day where I have the choice to believe the truth or to believe lies about myself that come from many different sources, including my own thoughts. When I am still and quiet, no longer striving, no longer doing, just sitting... what do I believe about myself then? Am I able to believe in these moments that I am accepted and loved in the most beautiful way by the God of the universe? Without "doing" can I truly believe and receive that no matter what, I am accepted and loved by God?

I don't know how you are feeling about this but I know in my heart of hearts that at times I have a hard time receiving God's amazing, unending, never stopping love for me. I have a hard time believing at times that He could love me this way. Is it that way for you too? I long to receive His love so fully that I can just soak in it and be totally filled by it. I long for all of us to be able to receive His love that way. To receive it and to truly believe it. For me, thinking about what God says in His Word helps me fight those feelings and thoughts that I am not enough to receive that kind of love, or that feeling of how can it be true that I am loved that much? Thinking about scriptures like "This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins." 1 John 4:10. Then as I read it, as I say it, I can feel my heart start to soften and the wall begin to come down... yes, yes it is true!! He loved me that much then (when He came down through Jesus to save me) and He loves me that much now! :) I begin to feel a happy dance coming on just thinking about it :) So freeing is His love for us! So powerful! And above all... SO TRUE! It is true my friend... He loves you this way too and I'm praying for you that by the power of His Spirit you may believe it and walk in it all the days of your life and that His love may fill you to overflowing that it may saturate every part of your life and that His peace may overtake you! For 10 days I'm going to be posting a word or a phrase describing you (yes you :) ) from God's Word that we can use throughout the day to be still and just think about, meditate on and let it sink in deep that we each may begin to believe and walk in His truth more fully about who we are. I am really looking forward to this as this has been an area of struggle in my life as it might be for some of you. Will be praying for each of you, if you'd like to let me know that you'll be following along I would love to pray for you specifically! Much love to each of you, praying God's love and peace fills each of our hearts!

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