Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{All His} ❤️

Driving down the road yesterday it struck me like a ton of bricks while looking at the cars around me... And I realized all that we have is literally God's and belongs to Him! Wow!!

This doesn't only pertain to the vehicles that He has given to us to get around in but EVERYTHING - from our marriage, to our children, ourselves, the homes he has given us, the food we have, the drink we have, the gifts/talents He has given to us, our communities, our groups of friends, our bodies, our very lives are His 💗 To think about this just makes me say WOW! And smile... Because lady... We belong to God!!! 😍 WOW! This answers any question in our restless hearts about our worth... About why we are here... About what we were made for... It answers every one!! ☺️ Wow...

I don't know where you might be right now in your relationship with God but want to lead us both in a prayer - "Lord please have your way in all ❤️ marriage, family, children, relationships, business relationships, working, resting, playing, life 😀 it's all Your's God - Everyday - Today ❤️

Love each of you!!

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