Wednesday, April 8, 2015

{Dents and All}

The other day outside of Panera there was a car that had a huge dent in the back end of it - it was a pretty good dent! But the car was able to drive and be used and was still on the journey!

I felt like God was reminding me that this is like us - sometimes we have big dents from things that have happened to us but we have been made new on the inside - like we have been given a new motor! 

The dents are part of your story :) But when God saves us and we believe in Christ it is like we are given a new motor :) despite the dents that may be on the outside, we are made brand new on the inside and given His power inside of us, His life, His Spirit for the journey, new strength that comes from God ❤️and we are able to drive like never before - dents and all! 

It's not about what's on the outside but what's on the inside that matters ❤️

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