Friday, April 8, 2016

The Dark Side of the Canyon

The Dark Side of the Canyon

Spring is a comin' 
When you feel like you are on the dark side of the canyon
And the sun has been hidden from your face
Like you have been drug underneath the water for a long long time
And the currents are raging around you
Don't stop
Keep moving forward
Cause spring is coming 
The light is about to break through in an open valley wide and great

You can't reach the light without going through the darkness
In many ways the journey through the dark side of the canyon is your friend
Like the rocks around you in the midst of the dark side you are being shaped

And as you follow the river out of the canyon out of the dark
You too have been shaped
What once held you back is no more
The fears that once gripped you are memories of old
So just embrace every part of this journey through the canyon
The dark
The light
Because it is all a part of you, a part of your story and how a good good God is shaping you. 

Can you hear The Call O' the Canyon now?
The journey is waiting 

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