Sunday, April 10, 2016

It All Matters

It all matters dear one
Don't be deceived
The days may roll into weeks that roll into months and then years upon years
Wiping tiny hands and tiny mouths

Scrubbing dishes after babies are in bed
Wiping a new set of crumbs off the counter and making it sparkly clean. 
Putting on one more back pack
One more kiss goodbye and have a good day
One more nighttime book and see you in the morning
One more smile to another Mom that is juggling three kiddos at school pick up
One more breakfast lunch and dinner
One more trip around the clock

And it is miraculous
All of it
And don't be deceived sweet mama
It all matters 
Because these are the things
Because these are the moments that make up a life
A life is a sum of all of our moments added up together and how they were invested
Where we invest our hearts, our time, our attention - it all matters

Every little thing
Every little crumb 
Every little kiss 
Or tiny hug with arms wrapped around tight 
It. All. Matters.
As your in the kitchen or lay your head down tonight remember to whisper it out loud to yourself
It. All. Matters.
Because it does - everything you did today mattered.

You matter.
And you're making a huge difference.
Right. Where. You. Are.
Rest well tonight sweet mama.
You're doing a great job!

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