Friday, August 16, 2013

Recipe: Honey Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Hash

I like hash recipes... ALOT :) Since starting the Whole 30 program almost 2 months ago its definitely been one of my favorite dishes to make for lunch! I love these recipes because you can really play around with the ingredients and add what you have on hand as far as fruits and/or veggies go and also with what kind of meat you add to it. You can add sausage, chicken sausage, bacon, rotisserie chicken, hot dog... Really any kind of meat that you can think of! So helpful when it comes to leftovers and making lunch... I feel like lunch can be tricky sometimes... Is it that way for you guys too? So this has been a fun way for me to practice being a little more creative and using up the things that we have on hand or leftover. Here are the two initial has recipes that I tried and ended up loving! (the tricky part for me on this one was cooking the broccoli just a little so it still had that crunchy tasty bite to it)

Yum!! So today for lunch I ended up making one that is almost exactly like the one from Multiply Delicious... Didnt realize it was so similar till I went back to loom at it :) love this one! The only additions I made were a little bit of cumin and a drizzle of honey to give it a little sweetness. Here's the recipe!

Honey Brussel Sprout and Sweet Potato Hash
2 T Coconut Oil or maybe butter or ghee (whichever you like!)
1/2 lb Brussel Sprouts
1/2 Large Sweet Potato (cooked)
1/4 t Cumin
1/4 t Honey (Raw honey if you have it)
Some Sea Salt to Taste
2 Eggs (Cooked as you like - I did over easy)

Begin by poking the top of your sweet potato a few times on top with a fork or a knife to let steam out and to keep it from exploding... No wants that, eek! Place sweet potato in the microwave (on a plate if you wish... I just like to throw it in there as is :) ) Cover it up with a slightly damp paper towel. Cook on regular power for 4 minutes... Check to see how squishy its gotten. For larger sweet potatoes  you might need to cook it for another 3-4 minutes or so for it to be cooked through all the way without any hard spots.

While thats cooking in the microwave you can begin slicing up your brussel sprouts. You can buy them already shaved if you'd like or you can take whole brussel sprouts and slice them in half and then into threee seperate strips for each half to make little brussel sprout strips.

Once done with the slicing you can place your cooking fat of choice (we did coconut oil, yum!). Heat  oil over medium high heat. Once hot place your brussel sprout into the pan and let them sautee for 6 minutes or so. They should be ome softer and be have some browning on them when youre all done. Make sure to give some stirs while its cooking so they dont burn.

Once theyre in the pan you can the sprinkle on your cumin, honey and sea salt. Give it a good stir to mix in all of those good flavors. Let it continue cooking for the 6 minutes or so.

Now you can remove the sweet potato from the microwave. Cut it up into little cubes or squares (also good for baby food if you have any little ones around that age :) makes it easy on Mama to only have to cook once! You can even add a little coconut oil if theyre old enough and not sensitve to it.)

Place cooked brussel sprouts on a large plate, scatter the sweet potato on top.

Cook up your two eggs, however you would like them done (I made mine over easy). Once done place those on tol of your veggies and.... ENJOY :) Healthy, tasty, natural... YUM! Let me know what you think of this combination and any other combinations you guys try!

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