Friday, June 17, 2016


IWe are all searching for something. Our souls are longing for more. We know something is off, something is amiss in this world because despite all the world has to offer somehow we always end up coming up dry. Empty handed. Still looking. Still searching. Even if we feel we have or have had the best that the world has to offer. 

In pain we are searching. Searching for comfort. For peace, even a little bit of peace. For rest. For safety. For security. 

In times of grief and loss we are looking for answers. Looking for a way out. Looking for some way to not feel so much. Looking and searching.

We're looking for so many things. Looking for beauty. Looking for true love. Looking for stability. Looking for what is true. Looking for meaning for ourselves, for our lives, for why things happen the way they do. Looking and searching. Searching and looking. 

The soul is never satisfied with what this world has to offer. Even if we are able to see the most beautiful sights in all the world. Something will still be missing. Even if we are able to accomplish all of the goals that we have laid out for ourselves. Something will still be missing. Even if all goes well and we have the life that we always dreamed of. Something will still be missing.

Our souls were made for more. So much more. 

When the pain and the longing and the endless searching begin to wear us down  we sometimes look to other things to numb the pain, numb the discomfort , somehow trying to fill that void in our souls - whether it be with alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, Facebook searching, food when we're not hungry, sweets, busyness, work and acceptance through accomplishment. 

That void is there for a reason. You are hurting for a reason. Your soul was created for so much more than this world can EVER offer you. You were made by God to KNOW Him. To be FILLED with Him. To be COMPLETE in Him. To have LIFE in Him. To have LIFE ABUNDANTLY in Him. Apart from Him there is no other way to truly live as you were created to, as our souls long to. 

If you are in pain right now. If you feel agony in your soul beyond description. If you have or have ever felt like you wanted to end it all because you felt stuck, like there was no way out of this emptiness, this pain. Please know that there is One who can fill You to overflowing! One who loves You right where You are! One who has a purpose and plan for your life beyond your wildest imagination. Please don't give up 💛 please don't lose hope 💛 please know You are NEVER ALONE and you are not the only one with this emptiness, this longing. 

If we turn to Him and call on His name, the name of Jesus we will be saved. 

"For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile--the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him, for, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:12-13

We will be made new. Jesus came to make us right with our Father by dying for us on the cross. When Jesus died for us on the cross he bore our sins on His body. In exhachange for our sins He gave us His righteousness - or rightness with God. The One who created us. The One who we were made to know. Let's come to Him. Let's really know Him. And begin this new journey living the life He created us to live. One that is full and alive and bursting at the seems with hope.

You were made for so much more 💛 don't forget it 😊 

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