Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Burden to Share {From 2013}

Here i am, with this burden, to write, to share. 

Amazing how much can change in a year! A year ago at this time Dan and i were about to be on our way to the hospital to have our third child, Elijah Michael Collinsworth :) so excited that the time had come, that in the near future we were going to God willing meet our baby boy! 

Bottom line, things did not go anything like I had pictured, things got scary, things got hard, life became very black and white for me. Life vs death. It.was.hard. But at the same time it. Has. Changed. Me :) i am not who i was when i walked into that hospital that night. Im not who i was when i left that hospital either. God has changed me. And He truly has and does work the scariest, most difficult, most painful experiences for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. 

Through this He taught me that He is what matters, He is the point, He is the beginning and the end. If i am putting anything else first in my life I am building it upon shifting sand, it will not last, it is not of lasting value to me or to anyone I am in contact with. I am not doing them or myself any favors by living for anyone or anything else besides God and the Lord Jesus. But Jesus... He lasts, He is eternal. Now that is something - Someone to build my life upon, to put my thoughts towards, to share with others, to spend my time with. This has eternal implications, for the life to come, not only for life on Earth. Day by da we choose where we put our time, our attention, our affections. Where am I, where are we, where are you putting your affections today? May we all choose to put them in Jesus Christ - the eternal One, the One who was and is and is yet to come. 

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